Little Island Paradise

After a week in paradise its a hard fall back down to earth, nothing a sunny morning at the beach can't help fix though!

Vanuatu is not somewhere I had lusted to travel but I am sure glad I made the trip to these isles of paradise for a friend's wedding. Turquoise waters, smiling people and an atmosphere to melt the soul, Vanuatu is an experience not to be missed, I will be back thats for sure!



A lovely lady layaway ..... Sorrento, VIC.  My furthest tour south to date and the first time to lay my eyes on the Bass Strait...took us Sydney coast dwellers a little to orientate ourselves to the coastline. Ha! Cafes and plenty of great stores to spend the rainy?! days.
The Bay
the beach house time warp

tea time - no shortage of china here, or cakes....

 Elephant Store - Sorrento. Homewares, accessoreis and plenty of goodies. A beaut store to match the beuat surroundings of a lovely coastal town.
Elephant Sorrento - stocking September teatowels!

September Owl Teatowels beautifully merchandised in a vintage tub.

September Mint Owl Teatowel

Hermon Store - a fantastic selection of homegrown and international goods. Not to mention the layout and merchandising...could have spent a motza in here!

More shopping goodies....neon never dies and I love it.


Lovett, Love it!

a weekend of sunning, sailing and exploring.
magic and some water



I found this chair on the road a while back and I saw the life in it yet! Once black vinyl and unloved, now polished and covered in a vintage fabric salvaged from another vintage chair my sister is recovering.
I love giving life to pre loved things, both the fabric and the chair have a second wind that will not be short lived.

I won't lie I had a little help. I enrolled in a short course in upholstery which I much enjoyed and once I find another abandoned piece on the side of the road I will back on the job!


Tea Party

silverware, doilies

poppies and freesias

vintage cup and saucers care of Nicola!
Everyone loves a tea party. Banana bread, mini cheesecakes, breakfast muesli trifles, sparkling fruit punch and Prosciutto and Parmesan croissants. 
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